Between takes

LR A DPP_0945

Haven’t freestyl-ed for quite some time and I miss how it takes you to unexpected directions. Here’s a breather from all the septic work I’ve been doing lately. I can never let go of my maximalist inclinations.

PH + GFX Darrel Pobre | Hair and Make-up Aldriech Castro | Styling  Joden Ryan Paan | Prod Lead John Paul Steven | Model Juliana Casas Villamizar


Right before I did a shoot with Miss Rachelle Ann Go, I had the great opportunity of watching her on stage as Little Mermaid. All thanks to Vil, my business partner, whose flair for booking rows worth of theater tickets has more often than not dragged my corpulent non-resisting ass to random musical adventures.

There is a certain level of awe of finally meeting a performer whose crystal clear voice is enough to cut through glass. And its refreshing to see her out of her sparkly green-tail outfit. Though much can be said on her prince, Eric. High waisted pants and a ponytail weren’t really agreeing with him.

It was easy to shoot her. She knew her angles and her skin was impeccable. And for any photographer, that cuts the workload by 90%.  She brought around her the same giggly, warm and graceful charm of sunlight penetrating through clear water.

Just got the film scans of my second roll with my Petri 7 Rangefinder from Fujifilm. Sadly the lab doesn’t have any BW films in stock yet. Though they did refer Studio 58 in Makati as the nearest photo lab near my area. (see first post Here). Took off right after GMUNK from this Year’s Graphika Manila Event. Jerome Austria and Hydro 74 remained to be the most impressive in the bunch for me.

Anyhow, I am more pleased with the second bunch of prints. Finally got the hang of the cam with another Superia Xtra 400. Focusing is still a bit of a challenge (with my not so perfect sight), and focus points are still umm non existent hehe. I wonder how an ASA 200 would fare with this cam or if I use expired films perhaps. Might do some serious Sulit shopping. I might have to over-expose when I use less sensitive films. Probably more outdoors, now that the rainy week is over.

FREAKY | While I was going over the shots, there was something disturbing with one of the frames. At first I thought it was a gap between the curtains, which normally lets in gusts of air, but look closely above my head, that is undeniably a girl’s face. Ben and I swear to have never recount a memory of anyone being in the room while I was finishing off my roll.

The Style Flux | Kaye AwatinMy Hype | Jear De Mc CuttacKatchie Mejias | Make-up Artistry


The thing about working with people destined to be great is that you see them grow and develop as time goes by. Honed by one editorial at a time, sharpened by difficult clients and spun in gold each photo shoot after another. But what is surprisingly refreshing is that even when their names become staple in prints and publications, how they remain grounded and by the lack of better terms “kikay”, remain to be one of the most prized traits that we in the industry can admire. :)

Model | Olga  //  Hair and Make-up |  Nina Dumpa


There are the kind of “blues” that suck you in, not like a black hole, but the same fascination you get when you see a jellyfish pulsate in water for the first time. Olga’s eyes are no different, while she barely spoke any english, save for some action words, the photo above might reveal more than what she can verbally say.

Sometimes, the best photo happen between takes, where the light just wraps at an angle and your subject just falls into a split-second trance. And as photographers, we can simply hope that we’d be there ready when that happens, cause truly, as in life, it’s all about the moment.