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Styled by Aisa Ipac | Ph Darrel Pobre | Location Space Encounters, Subspace and the streets of Ortigas


The conditions were right. I’m working with one of my fave stylists and fab friend Aisa, the models were easy to prance  around with and the location, though tight for this multi-layout look book, had enough quirky corners that can easily be moved to create mini sets. Between lay-outs all I can think about was how the art piece on the wall would look great with the midcentury accent chair in the display window *wishful* that I have the space to even put it in. Then again, I am stuck in my earth tone madness (tumbleweed, to be exact) that I still have to find the existential push and my genetic claim to the Zobel Family before I start splurging on designer furniture and redecorate my room in more colors visible to the human spectra. (But earth is just so relaxing.)


The new blood that took over Primadonna did a fine job in revamping the brand. With designs that cover a huge consumer range. Some designs are reminiscent of high end footwear made accessible to the Philippine market. With an aggressive campaign and their move to jump into apparel, Primadonna positions itself to break into the style business faster than it has ever did before.