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LR space LR SPACE0 LR SPACE2 LR SPACE3 LR SPACE4 LR SPACE5Fashion by Happy Andrada | Words, Image and Layout by Darrel Pobre | Assisted by Twinkle Jay Amora and Ronan Espadero


FRESH FROM KOREA | Finally got my hands on the book print. Thanks Happy Andrada for hand-delivering this from Seoul and for the trust.  Digital Images from an earlier post can be found HERE.


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The 3rd Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul, Korea.

“Fashion, Magical Space”

Happening on November 21- November 30
Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Arts Center
Nambusunhwanro 2406 Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea

Looking forward to seeing this on book print at the end of the month.

Fashion by Happy Andrada | Images by Darrel Pobre | Assisted by Twinkle Amora

LR 03 beijing

This image was part of a Beijing Exhibit called Day and Night. It’s always a surreal delight when I am given free  reign to interpret design visions. The design construction reminds me of the kite-like fluidity of a manta ray.

LR Masterpiece

Free styling it with this one with a lot of light earth marine elements.

A BNS_6396 Images really look nice on bookprint.

LR 02 beijingOther Images from photographers around the globe included in the companion book for the exhibition Night and Day in Beijing.

LR 01 beijingFashion Design by Happy Andrada | Assisted by Twinkle Amora | Image by Darrel Pobre | Model Pauline Prieto