LR A DPP_0945

Haven’t freestyl-ed for quite some time and I miss how it takes you to unexpected directions. Here’s a breather from all the septic work I’ve been doing lately. I can never let go of my maximalist inclinations.

PH + GFX Darrel Pobre | Hair and Make-up Aldriech Castro | Styling  Joden Ryan Paan | Prod Lead John Paul Steven | Model Juliana Casas Villamizar


LR space LR SPACE0 LR SPACE2 LR SPACE3 LR SPACE4 LR SPACE5Fashion by Happy Andrada | Words, Image and Layout by Darrel Pobre | Assisted by Twinkle Jay Amora and Ronan Espadero


FRESH FROM KOREA | Finally got my hands on the book print. Thanks Happy Andrada for hand-delivering this from Seoul and for the trust.  Digital Images from an earlier post can be found HERE.


LR 03 beijing

This image was part of a Beijing Exhibit called Day and Night. It’s always a surreal delight when I am given free  reign to interpret design visions. The design construction reminds me of the kite-like fluidity of a manta ray.

LR Masterpiece

Free styling it with this one with a lot of light earth marine elements.

A BNS_6396 Images really look nice on bookprint.

LR 02 beijingOther Images from photographers around the globe included in the companion book for the exhibition Night and Day in Beijing.

LR 01 beijingFashion Design by Happy Andrada | Assisted by Twinkle Amora | Image by Darrel Pobre | Model Pauline Prieto

03 abhie01 Abhie02 abhie

Model | Abigail Tan  // Hair and Make-up | Nina Dumpa  // Assisted by Bea Cuaterton


It takes a little spur of the moment, between takes, to transform someone as sweet and delicate as Abhie to a more whip and leather lashing madame. Always a wonder to work with Nina. My earlier beauty works are a testament to her mad skills :)

Model | Rachel Lobangco


I have always been a fan of Heavy Metal magazine. I felt like the artwork and the composition were so surreal, so fantastic that it even justified the excessive use of skin-baring women that don its cover pages. The illustration and study of dramatic light and shade become great lighting pegs when shooting something conceptual. It helps you device key lights and pre-empt the use of CTO gels to color correct the image even before post processing begins.

This remind me of old movie hand-paintd billboards and moth-eaten fantasy books that I use to scavenge from my neighbor’s garage sale. The early Conan the Barbarian posters, the first edition illustration of The Hobbit, Magic Card the Gathering creatures. The pose, the drama, the levitation are simply breath-taking and memorable.