ARCHIVED | Manila Bulletin Fashion Section | PH Darrel Pobre | Styling Jear De Mc Cuttac



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The 3rd Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul, Korea.

“Fashion, Magical Space”

Happening on November 21- November 30
Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Arts Center
Nambusunhwanro 2406 Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea

Looking forward to seeing this on book print at the end of the month.

Fashion by Happy Andrada | Images by Darrel Pobre | Assisted by Twinkle Amora

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PAOLO ONESA | Pop Goes Standard Album | Thanks to the Label Marketing Manager : Mark Bonifacio | Photography by Darrel Pobre | Grooming by Ramil Acabo | Styling by Jear De Mc Cuttac | Assisted by Klaudeen Cawili and Dane De Mc Cuttac

The nice thing about shooting young talents destined to be great is that you get to see them before the fame deeply sinks in. His first shoot, Paolo came in with his undeniable boyish charms and unsure smile that still turned out great on camera. Above all, this crooner can catapult you in a different state of mind with his liquid voice. It’s wonderful to be shooting someone who also hails from Zamboanga. It brings so much pride and hope amidst all that has happened the past year.